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Heartland awards Madison an energy efficiency grant


MADISON, S.D. – The city of Madison recently received an energy efficiency grant for $3,500 from Heartland Consumers Power District to assist with the installation of more efficient lighting at the city’s recycling center.

Electric energy savings from the project are estimated at 26,895 kilowatt hours or $2,420 per year. The lighting upgrades will cost approximately $5,845 plus labor and have a simple payback of less than two and a half years. The new lighting will reduce electric demand at the center by 8.8 kilowatts.

The recycling center will see a lighting upgrade from both 400-watt metal halide fixtures and T12 fluorescent fixtures to T8 fluorescent lighting. T8 fixtures are typically about 40% more efficient than T12s, and up to 50% more efficient than metal halides. With an average lifespan of 20,000 to 30,000 hours, the new T8s will provide savings for years to come. A total of 37 fixtures are being replaced.

“We are grateful to Heartland for the grant to offset the cost of this project,” said Fred Snoderly, public works director for the city of Madison. “The new fixtures will not only save the city money in lighting costs, but will also provide much better illumination for employees.” 

The city of Madison received two grants from Heartland in 2011 for lighting upgrades at the electric power plant and city maintenance shop.

Heartland is a non-profit, public power utility providing wholesale power as well as energy services and community development programs to the city of Madison as well as other communities and state agencies in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. The city of Madison then retails the power to its residents, businesses and industries. As part of their energy efficiency program, Power Forward, Heartland awards grants to its wholesale customers for specific projects that will improve energy efficiencies within the city.

Above: Heartland Communications Manager Ann Hyland, second from right, presents an energy efficiency grant to Madison Public Works Director Fred Snoderly, center,  for lighting upgrades at the city’s recycling center. Also pictured are, from left to right, Madison Mayor Gene Hexom, City Recycling Foreman Bob Thill and Public Works Commissioner Nick Abraham.

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