Cybersecurity for Utilities

Incorporating Cybersecurity into the DNA of your Organization


Municipal utilities are reliant on technology to deliver the services they provide. Cybersecurity is the duty and obligation of any organization handling confidential information from its customer base. Utilities need to ensure the appropriate security controls are in place to adequately protect that confidential information from cyber-thieves whose goal is to steal and profit from this information. Appropriate controls need to be in place to protect an organization from a cyber-attack. If your utility understand this responsibility but needs some assistance in implementing an effective cybersecurity plan, SBS CyberSecurity and Heartland can help.

Heartland will cover 50% of Phase 1 costs for customers*

Heartland understands the critical nature of cybersecurity and wants to help our customers implement a solid framework to protect private data. Heartland has partnered with SBS CyberSecurity to offer a five phase program to help customers establish and maintain a cybersecurity program to continually protect sensitive information. Customers who sign up do not need to commit more than Phase 1. Heartland will cover 50% of the Phase 1 costs, for any customer utilizing this valuable and customized service.

Phase 1: Understanding where cybersecurity risk is located

  • IT Asset Discovery: SBS will identify the technology hardware and software used by the organization.
  • Internal Security Scan: SBS will scan the internal network of your organization to identify spots that cyber criminals would most likely exploit.
  • Information Security Risk Assessment: SBS will put together a document identifying the most and least risky use of technology in the organization. 
  • Cyber Risk Management Prioritization: Based on the services above, SBS will put together a plan for the organization to immediately improve their cybersecurity posture.


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