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Madison and Akron receive energy efficiency grants

The cities of Madison, South Dakota and Akron, Iowa recently received energy efficiency grants from Heartland to install more efficient lighting at various city facilities.

Madison’s public works department was awarded $3,000 to upgrade to T8s in the city maintenance shop and equipment bay.  In addition to being inefficient, the old lighting provided inadequate illumination. Electric energy savings from the project are estimated at 14,280 kilowatt hours or $1,285 per year.  The lighting upgrades will cost approximately $4,800 plus labor and have a simple payback of just over three and a half years.

Madison’s electric department received $2,000 to upgrade lighting at the city’s power plant building.  The estimated energy savings are 3,896 kilowatt hours, or $350 per year.  The project will cost about $2,200 plus labor and has a simple payback of about six years.

Akron was awarded $5,000 for upgrades at several facilities.  Twenty-three metal halide and 8 T12 fixtures will be replaced with T8s and 4 metal halides will be replaced with LEDs at the fire station.  The city had to leave the metal halide lights turned on at all times because they take time to warm up once turned on.  When firefighters entered the station to get ready for a fire, they didn’t have time to wait for the lights to warm up. The new lights will turn on immediately and provide significant savings.  The senior center, water building, electric building, and street building will all see upgrades from T12s to T8s.

Akron’s total lighting retrofit project is estimated to provide annual energy savings of $1,297, or 12,643 kilowatt hours.  At a total project cost of about $7,500, the city should see a simple payback of just over five years.
With an average lifespan of 20,000 to 30,000 hours, the new T8s in both cities will provide savings for years to come.
“Upgrading lighting to more efficient models typically provides significant energy savings,” said Heartland Communications Manager Ann Hyland. “T8 fixtures are typically about 40% more efficient than T12s, and up to 50% more efficient than metal halides, making the payback period relatively short. The addition of not having to leave lights on at the fire station in Akron will provide further savings.”

The grants were awarded as part of Heartland’s energy efficiency program, Power Forward. Heartland awards grants to customers for specific projects that will improve energy efficiencies within the city. For information about the grants, contact Ann Hyland at or (605) 256-6536.

Photo Captions
1: Madison Electric Superintendent Dennis Poppen, center, accepts an energy efficiency grant from Heartland Communications Manager Ann Hyland. Also present, from left to right, are Madison Mayor Gene Hexom, Director of Public Works Fred Snoderly and City Public Works Commissioner Nick Abraham.
2: Hyland presents an energy efficiency grant to Akron Director of Public Works Gary Horton.
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