Helping Customers Grow and Thrive

In addition to energy services, Heartland provides customers with resources to help them succeed. Customers have access to a toolkit to promote growth and expansion in their communities as well as promote the more efficient use of electricity.

Block_Images_LED_fixture_1.jpgEnergy Efficiency

Heartland's comprehensive energy efficiency program, Power Forward, provides customers with valuable tools, including a comprehensive incentive program to offer their residential and commercial customers, as well as grants to help with projects that optimize electric energy use at city facilities.


Block_Images_ED_Construction_1.jpgEconomic Development

Heartland's progressive economic development program includes grants, a revolving loan fundgrowth incentives and the recently-launched Energy ONE incentive - all of which help our customers create economic stability while maintaining a superior quality of life.


data_breach.jpgCybersecurity for Utilities

Cybercrime is on the rise and no one is immune. Utilities need to ensure the appropriate security controls are in place to adequately protect their systems and all the valuable information they possess. Through a partnership with SBS CyberSecurity, Heartland offers a cybersecurity program to establish the correct processes, tools and technologies to protect your municipality.