Cybersecurity for Utilities

Protect your municipality from cybercrime


Cybersecurity and data breaches are a common problem for many organizations, and municipalities are no exception. In fact, they have become a target for some hackers. 

While you may think your utility doesn't have anything worth stealing, or has sufficient controls in place, no organization is immune to cybercrime. Criminals use a variety of methods to hack systems, steal valuable data or hold systems hostage for financial gain.

If information is valuable to you, it’s valuable to hackers. Taking control of your email account provides the ability to pose as you to send phishing emails, threatening anyone you have in your email contact list. It also allows hackers to access any account your email is linked to such as social media or software licenses.

Any information stored on your computer such as addresses, bank account information, social security numbers, online banking information including usernames and passwords, software licenses or social media information can be used by cyber criminals for profit.

Heartland has partnered with SBS CyberSecurity to offer a variety of services to ensure your utility has the correct processes, tools and technologies in place to protect your municipality.

After completing an assessment of current systems and practices of your utility, SBS will put together an individualized plan and cost structure specific to your utility's  needs. 

Heartland will cover half the cost of SBS’s services, up to $5,000 per utility. 

Contact SBS CyberSecurity today for more information about this program. Visit or call 605-270-3321.