We are #CommunityPowered

WebBadge.jpgHeartland and the municipalities we serve are public power utilities.

Across the nation, community-owned, not-for-profit public power utilities power homes and businesses in 2,000 communities--from small towns to large cities. Collectively, public power utilities provide reliable, low-cost electricity to more than 49 million Americans while protecting the environment.

These utilities generate or buy electricity from diverse sources. They employ 93,000 people and earn $58 billion in revenue each year.

They also offer unique benefits, such as local control, safe and reliable power, and consumer focus. 


Local control, local rewards

Locally owned utilities are a part of the community they serve. Customers can count on great customer service from people they know and trust--people who may be their friends or neighbors.

Public power utilities give back. Electric revenues are reinvested in programs and services for residents and businesses.

Municipalities are governed by the people. Rates are established by citizen-controlled boards that hold public meetings.


Safe, reliable power supply

Public power utilities practice environmental stewardship. They enact responsible energy policies and invest in diverse energy resources, including renewables. They also offer energy-saving programs, education and cash incentives to help electric consumers use energy more efficiently.

Public power works. Public power has thrived in America for over a century, always with the goal of affordable and reliable power. In fact, reliability is their number one priority: keeping the lights on. 

Public power utilities believe in safety. Utility employees hold themselves to the highest level of standards and spend considerable time training to mitigate risks and hazards.


Focus on the consumer

Municipalities are citizen-owned. This means the people are included in the decision-making process. Loyalty is to customers, not stockholders.

Public power communities offer a better quality of life. Payments made in lieu of taxes help ease local tax burden. Utilities create jobs and support or offer economic development programs and incentives. Employees contribute to the community in many ways.

Public power utilities help their neighbors. After severe weather or during times of need, utilities are quick to send line crews and trucks to help restore power in neighboring communities.



Heartland, along with our customers, are members of the American Public Power Association, which empowers member utilities by working together on common issues and challenges and strengthening relationships among industry officials and policy makers.

Public Power Fact Sheet (PDF)