Energy ONE Incentive

We Help New and Existing Businesses Plan for the Future

The Heartland Energy ONE Incentive is designed to facilitate significant new business development and the expansion of existing businesses. The program provides a special energy-only rate for new retails loads with an approximate demand of one megawatt or larger.

Heavy users of electricity typically pay a separate demand charge to have energy capacity available to them at all times. Since it can be difficult for a new business to estimate what its monthly demand will be, the Energy ONE Incentive eliminates this concern for the first three years.

The Energy ONE Incentive provides a special energy-only rate, which is fixed for three years, to provide consistent and predictable pricing for qualifying retail customers, who can then establish use patterns and plan for their future.


The qualifying retail customer must be located within the service territory of a community served by Heartland and offering the Energy ONE Incentive.

The qualifying customer must have a new or expanding load that is approximately one megawatt or larger, as determined by Heartland, and Heartland must experience the corresponding increase in its load equivalent to the new or expanding load. In customer communities with a population of 3,000 or less, the incentive may be offered to new loads with a demand of 500 kilowatts or larger.

Only the new load of the qualifying retail customer will be eligible for the Energy ONE Incentive rate.

The incentive rate will be fixed for three calendar years. At start-up, the qualifying retail customer will be eligible to use the then-effective incentive rate for the remainder of the three-year period.

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