Growth Incentive Program

In order for your community to flourish, you must be proactive. Heartland offers unique incentives our customers can promote to attract new businesses and encourage existing ones to expand. Heartland helps with business recruitment, retention and expansion, as well as job creation in our customer communities by awarding hiring incentives and utility rebates to qualifying businesses.

Businesses in Heartland's customer communities are eligible for cash incentives for new jobs created. Certain wage requirements and a minimum number of positions created based on city population must be met in order to qualify for the incentive. Additionally, we partner with our customers to provide rebates to new and expanding businesses on their retail electric bills.

Since 2004, Heartland has issued over $1 million in rebates and incentives. More than 350 jobs have been created or saved in connection to the program, and participating companies have purchased an additional 31,000 megawatt-hours of energy.

New and expanding businesses in Heartland customer communities are eligible for Heartland's growth incentive program. Businesses must have a minimum monthly electric bill of $100 to qualify.

The customer utility must apply on behalf of its retail customer. Read the complete program details below or call (605) 256-6536 for more information.

Complete details of Heartland's growth incentive program.

These incentives are not available to any Heartland customer that acquires the qualifying business from another Heartland customer.