Power Forward with Heartland

Power Forward is Heartland’s comprehensive energy efficiency program, providing incentives and educational tools to our customers since its inception in 2009. Heartland has helped improve efficiency in many communities by applying a variety of strategies, including energy makeovers to homes and public facilities, training to utility employees to become energy auditors and grants to help utilities make energy efficiency upgrades.


Heartland offers grants to customer utilities to perform energy efficiency improvements at their city facilities. Eligible projects include those that optimize electric energy use, thereby reducing the city's energy costs. Visit our Forms & Applications page to apply.

Power Forward Incentives

Each Heartland customer community is eligible to take part in the Power Forward incentive program, which provides rebates to businesses and residents served by our customers. Heartland offers rebates to residents for installing lifetime warranty electric water heaters, purchasing ENERGY STAR rated heating or cooling systems and installing LED light bulbs. Businesses are eligible for rebates for upgrading to more efficient lighting, replacing refrigeration equipment and installing ENERGY STAR heating or cooling systems. More information the incentive programs can be found in the brochures below.

Energy Savings For Your Business (PDF) | Energy Savings For Your Home (PDF)