Commercial Lighting

The Power Forward commercial lighting program is provided by Heartland in collaboration with your local municipal utility. Incentives are provided to commercial and industrial customers for upgrading to new, high-efficient lighting.

New equipment must be installed and old equipment properly removed before applying for a rebate.

Power Forward offers incentives on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Incentives will not be paid without the completion of the application form and proof of purchase and installation. Rebate will not exceed cost of bulb or fixture before taxes.

Upgrades other than those listed in this application may also be considered for incentives. Please contact Ann Hyland at Heartland at (800) 520-4746 to discuss custom rebates.


Rebate Checklist:

In order to ensure timely approval and issuance of your rebate, please complete the following steps. Incomplete applications may result in delayed payment.

  • Read the application Terms and Conditions and determine if you are eligible for a rebate under this program



  • Submit the following documentation:
    • Itemized invoices including material details and cost
    • Lighting specification sheets for installed lighting
    • Details on lighting being replaced including type and wattage


  • Upload the application and required documentation below or submit to your local utility


*Custom rebates other than those listed on this application may be available. Please contact your local utility or Heartland for details. Preapproval from Heartland is required for all custom rebates.

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